Let’s do lunch . . . and join the fight against childhood cancer.

What do you say?

Lunch is always more fun with friends. So invite your co-workers, church congregants, neighbors, club members, relatives and friends to join you in the fight against neuroblastoma.
Start a Lunch for Life fundraiser at work, at school, at your restaurant, as part of your organization’s community and civic engagement or donate your lunch money today.
For more information email info@cncfhope.org.
  1. Lunch for Life at Work
    Lunch for Life at Work
    Americans go out for lunch on average twice a week and spend $10 each time, according to Forbes magazine. Annually that adds up to close to $1,000. If you and your co-workers donated the $5 or $10 that you would’ve spent eating out – just once or twice a week – you could raise enough money to help send a family to CNCF’s annual parent medical conference, or help fund a grant for a groundbreaking clinical trial and advanced treatment therapies that save lives. So bring your lunch today, instead, and donate your lunch money to Lunch for Life.
  2. Lunch for Life at School
    Lunch for Life at School
    Service to others is an important lesson to teach our youth. At schools, Lunch for Life gives young people a purpose and cultivates within them a spirit of giving back. And, there’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. Classrooms can compete to see who can raise the most money for Lunch for Life. School clubs can make a pact to pack lunch for a day or two a week and donate their lunch money to Lunch for Life. Be creative and ask your school mates, teachers and faculty to commit to Lunch for Life today.
  3. Lunch for Life at Restaurants
    Lunch for Life at Restaurants
    The only thing that beats a deal on lunch is a deal on lunch for a good cause. Lunch for Life is a win-win for restaurants – chains, franchisees and independent owners and operators, alike. You design the deal. Donate a percentage of revenues from your lunch menu, or designate entrees tied to the give back. Promote Lunch for Life on your Web site, on menus and on social media using #LunchforLife. Customers LOVE compassionate businesses. So have a heart and give hope to children and families coping with pediatric cancer.
  4. Lunch for Life and You
    Lunch for Life and You
    Ever wake up feeling grateful. Lunch for Life is a way for you to pay it forward any time the spirit hits you. Set a personal giving goal, or make Lunch for Life a part of your wellness benchmark. Eat less, spend less and donate the rest. Let your friends know about Lunch for Life via social media #LunchforLife. When other people see you paying it forward, perhaps they, too, will be inspired. Whatever moves you, just know that you’re giving children and families dealing with childhood cancer hope, one lunch at a time.
  5. Lunch for Life T-Shirts
    Lunch for Life T-Shirts
    We’ve got T-shirts, bumper and window stickers, hats, buttons and lapel pins to help raise the visibility of your Lunch for Life fundraiser and let everybody know that you’ve joined the fight for neuroblastoma. ORDER NOW.
  6. Marketing Material
    Marketing Material
    Check back soon for more information.
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