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Do something different for lunch.  Fight childhood cancer.

Lunch for Life is a year-round fundraising initiative of the Children’s Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation (501C3). CNCF has been raising awareness of neuroblastoma since 2000 and more than $2 million for research, education and clinical trials.
Neuroblastoma can be deadly.
The survival rate for patients diagnosed with advanced disease is 40 percent[ST1] .
Neuroblastoma is devastating.
It manifests as tumors in the stomach, neck, pelvic and groin area, or the brain. There is a high rate of relapse and treatment can lead to other medical problems, some lasting a lifetime.
Born with cancer.  
Neuroblastoma affects primarily infants and toddlers.
Patients have been diagnosed as young as 4 weeks. The average age of diagnosis is 2.
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Now . . . about that lunch. 
Most people spend anywhere between $5 and $20 per day on lunch.
Donate  your lunch money today and tell your friends and co-workers about Lunch for Life.

Help us fight childhood cancer one lunch at a time.


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